Plamal S.A. is capable of producing:

Handle bags for  stores in every type available, namely:

List with products

  • Simple die cut handle bag.
  • Reinforced handle bag with inverted material.
  • Glued patch handle bag with the use of embedded internal reinforcement.
  • Simple rigid handle attachment.
  • Soft loop handle bag.
  • LDPE – MDPE sheets for packaging industrial products.
  • Blocked food bags.
  • Packaging bags for bakery products, for semi automatic feeding (in bundles).
  • Super Market bags with Coex HDPE materials  (blocked t-shirt bags).
  • Sleeve  type bags for the industry  of disposables  like cups of all types, dishes, straws etc products.
  • ΡΡ Bags for food and clothing packaging monolayer or double (PP/PP – PE/PP).
  • Bags / pouches  for stores with CMYK (Four color – Tone photo) printing.
  • Packaging rolls  for the industry  paper and Building materials.
  • Linear or photographic prints capturing up to 8 colors with print resolution 140 dpi!
  • Σάκους Garbage bags for domestic and industrial use, Perforated.
  • Garbage bags HDPE –  MDPE – LDPE with 5 quality categories for the HORECA establishment.
  • Waste Bags HEAVY DUTY HDPE for special waste.
  • Multiple applications plastic packaging for the industries, in sizes up to 4.000 mm.


Oxo-biodefradable additive masterbatches for the plastics industry. Plamal S.A. have been issued with this certificate in recognition that the required exoertise and equipment for producing high quality oxo-biodegradable products using Wells Plastic's Reverte technology.

Wells Certification


Our company was the first in Greece since 2002 that sells its products by unit and not by kilo, thus serving the common interests of its customers and in this way the customer has:

  • Definite and  stable cost estimate apiece, without pricing irregularities. Less plastic per package in thinner thickness, thus saving energy and reducing the plastic on the environment.
    Think slim, think Green, less plastic for better environment.
  • Lower utility cost by at least 15% compared to other competing products!
  • Flexibility in order volume per size, (small boxes in 30/40/33 dimensions) for low tirage orders.
  • Better printing quality with our modern equipment and the use of our new 8colored gearless Flexo printer.
  • Materials suitable for contact with food and in accordance with all instructions and requirements of the EU, without the use of recycled materials.